Relationships are king

17 May

Colm recently asked me to participate in the So you want to be a travel blogger post on’s blog. I was happy to, and — when looking for inspiration — I realised that relationships are king. (more…)

Ensuring creative content gets written

28 Mar

Lately I discovered something that’s helping to drive my creative output goals. It’s simple, it’s elegant, it works for me. It is 750 words. 750 words is an online text editor that tells you when you’ve hit 750 words and gives you badges if you do it daily. A streak of three days gives you […]

Travel Blog Success relaunches today

22 Mar

Travel Blog Success relaunches today and it’s better than ever. I’ve known Dave for a few years and was quite impressed with Dave’s material when he launched it back in February 2010. Now, he’s made it awesome value. You can see all the benefits on the site, which I won’t copy here. There’s a lot […]

Why #blog4nz is good for my business

16 Mar

Maybe I’ve done something really, really dumb when it comes to business. I’m giving up over 100 hours of my time and tons of my creative energies to an event that makes me no money, gives me no backlinks*, and slows down the already behind-schedule projects that are in the pipeline. And this is in […]

Welcome to 2011!!

14 Jan

Make Money Travel Blogging is going to see fresh content, fresh ideas, and a renewed emphasis on talking about the travel blogging industry and community, while helping you meet your goals.

Don’t track your own site visits – with WordPress

14 Oct

How to stop Google Analytics tracking admin visits in WordPress

More click-throughs for your affiliate links

13 Oct

Last week I sent out some great affiliate advice, and a WordPress master trick, to the

Where’s your focus?

6 Oct

I am currently struggle out on design projects: two sites for clients, upgrades on one site and an entire redevelopment of content and design on Indie Travel Podcast. That last one has been in the works for three months now! The upshot is that I’m thinking a lot about focus. Where do I want people […]


17 Sep

Why does it feel so dirty to write about making money? I’ve been writing Make Money Travel Blogging for a few months now. It’s a hobby for me; a good chance to talk shop and share what I’m learning. Sure, I’m recommending products with affiliate links, so it’s a business in that sense, but there’s […]

Travel blogs and the elusive audience

14 Sep

If your travel blog audience is in the research part of the buying cycle, there’s not much point doing hard sales. There’s little to gain from pushing a product down our reader’s throats.