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One month with Image Space Media and in-photo advertising (or, Is In-Picture Advertising good income for a travel blog?)

26 Jul

In-picture advertising: is it worthwhile for travel blogs?

How to get free stuff for your blog (or, beginning with sponsors and sponsored trips)

26 Jul

One question start-up bloggers often want to have answered is: how do you get free stuff from your blog? How do you find sponsors to send you on trips?

How often do you want MMTB emails?

25 Jul

I planned to have a monthly Make Money Travel Blogging newsletter, but that wouldn’t allow me to react quickly to opportunities and stories as they come up.

Does anyone do this?

24 Jul

Ignoring the annoying use of URI as a given name (not like it’s difficult to find on Indie Travel Podcast), what do you think about this? I’m really interested: does anyone do this? Feel free to comment anonymously below. If yes, what do you charge? If no, how do you feel about it? Dear, […]

Making money from every post

19 Jul

I was making it really hard for people to give me money. Sounds stupid, right? It was.

Why should I change from Blogspot to WordPress

14 Jul

Marcia asks if, and why, she should change from Blogspot to WordPress

Can you make money travel blogging?

12 Jul

There seems to be hundreds, if not thousands, that want to make money travel blogging. My question is, can you? and then, are you?

Starting today… Email case study and traffic-building tool

5 Jul

Introducing an extremely valuable case study and an extremely valuable tool. But only to our email list.

What adserver do I use?

5 Jul

You can use an adserver to rotate ad space, remove advertisers that have stopped paying for that space or affiliate programmes that are not performing well.

Experiments for July 2010

2 Jul

One of the most important things about monetising your travel blog is experimentation. It doesn’t matter what your experimenting with, but experiment!