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Relationships are king

17 May

Colm recently asked me to participate in the So you want to be a travel blogger post on’s blog. I was happy to, and — when looking for inspiration — I realised that relationships are king. (more…)

Welcome to 2011!!

14 Jan

Make Money Travel Blogging is going to see fresh content, fresh ideas, and a renewed emphasis on talking about the travel blogging industry and community, while helping you meet your goals.


17 Sep

Why does it feel so dirty to write about making money? I’ve been writing Make Money Travel Blogging for a few months now. It’s a hobby for me; a good chance to talk shop and share what I’m learning. Sure, I’m recommending products with affiliate links, so it’s a business in that sense, but there’s […]

What I’ve been up to

1 Sep

I have been building out a site as part of Corbett’s Affiliate Marketing for Beginners, which is now live: MatadorU Review has a review of the MatadorU writing course.

How much money do you need?

19 Aug

One of the biggest questions when it comes to making money with a travel blog is, how much money do you need?

Delusions of grandeur…

3 Aug

Gary might be one of Time’s 25 bloggers of 2010 (but who reads paper anyway?). Matt might now be writing for AOL and HuffPo (but who wants more work?). *I* got featured in Skymall! OK, not really featured. More … quoted. OK, OK! It’s freakin’ Skymall! Mike Barish, I want a feature.

Ridiculous offer of the month

30 Jul

I’m not sure if I’m going to get a more ridiculous offer this month, but $10 for 9,000+ organically-driven, targeted views sounds pretty ridiculous to me.

How often do you want MMTB emails?

25 Jul

I planned to have a monthly Make Money Travel Blogging newsletter, but that wouldn’t allow me to react quickly to opportunities and stories as they come up.

Does anyone do this?

24 Jul

Ignoring the annoying use of URI as a given name (not like it’s difficult to find on Indie Travel Podcast), what do you think about this? I’m really interested: does anyone do this? Feel free to comment anonymously below. If yes, what do you charge? If no, how do you feel about it? Dear, […]

Making money from every post

19 Jul

I was making it really hard for people to give me money. Sounds stupid, right? It was.