Welcome to 2011!!

14 Jan

Craig and Linda from http://makemoneytravelblogging.com

Craig and Linda with some Australians, a 2010 famil trip on Kangaroo Island

Welcome to 2011! It’s going to be another exciting year for travel bloggers as momentum grows, advertisers and PR companies do more with new media, and new hybrid opportunities come up.

Make Money Travel Blogging is going to see fresh content, fresh ideas, and a renewed emphasis on talking about the travel blogging industry and community, while helping you meet your goals.

What are your goals for 2011? Mine are currently scrawled on a piece of paper that I found during a long bus trip somewhere between Adelaide and Alice Springs. I need to refocus on core projects. They are:

For each of these projects I’ve got goals for marketing, money and community. Have you taken the time to set your goals for 2011? Have you broken them into monthly or quarterly goals and come up with some short-cuts or plan Bs if things don’t work out?

If not, grab a napkin and a pen, wipe the beer off it, and jot down some thoughts. You’ll be able to firm them up over the next week.

Oh, and welcome to 2011! I look forward to catching up with you all on the road.

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