Making money from every post

19 Jul

Even a cursory look at our recent survey shows that travel blogging isn’t making many people rich. This is something I’m trying to change!

(And if you’re wondering, we fit into the midrange of $1,000-5,000 a month. Not enough to pay the bills for two people plus our business costs.)

That said, I’ve recently made a shocking discovery. I was making it really hard for people to give me money. Sounds stupid, right? It was.

this is me, looking stupid - make money travel blogging

This is me, looking stupid (because the sun was in my eyes, not because I didn't find a way to make money from every post)

I was researching which of my blog posts I’d like to increase in the search engine rankings. I was going to write some guest posts and ask some blogging friends for links. Maybe do a little article marketing on them.

As I was going through competitiveness factors and looking at where we were ranking off the first page of Google I realised pushing some posts up in the ranks was going to be hard. It would take time and money. I needed to prioritise my efforts.

The next question, of course, was: which posts are going to make me money?

The answer, when I flicked back through my most-recent 20 posts, was none of them. And that’s why we were struggling to make money. That might be why most travel bloggers are struggling to make money.

The answer: find a way for people to give you money in each post you write. This doesn’t need to be a hard-sell or a cheeky, audacious ploy. It could be a link to an affiliate partner (like Art of Solo Travel or Nomadic Matt’s ebook), a sign-up to your email list, a prominently placed banner ad.

Look back over your last 20 posts. Is there a way for your audience to give you money?

I’m working on a training programme about this for you, but it’s taking some time. It should be ready in August.

I’m going to walk through how you can find good advertisers and affiliate programmes and easily add those links to your exisiting backlog of posts. It’d take hours to do it manually, even if you’ve only been blogging for a few months. To be the first to know about it, subscribe to the mailing list using the form below.

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