What I’ve been up to

1 Sep

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your early support of Make Money Travel Blogging — it really has been amazing. I’ve been struggling to balance our main websites with some casual teaching work recently and, as this is really a hobby at this stage, it’s taken a back foot.

I have been building out a site as part of Corbett’s Affiliate Marketing for Beginners, which is now live: MatadorU Review has a review of the MatadorU writing course, with one on photography soon to follow. Let’s see how it goes, as it’s a step-by-step following of Corbett’s programme. He recommends building several of these, but I’m going to slow down on them and fit them in around other work. A great exercise in research, tight writing, and starting a small niche site aimed at affiliate earnings.

You should check out Corbett’s course if you’re new to affiliate marketing. The holiday season buying will begin soon and you want to be in position for that. I’m holding off on my review until I see how this site grows.

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