Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – Price hike and first thoughts

12 Aug

If you are on the email newsletter, you would have already got my urgent note about Corbett Barr’s Affiliate Marketing For Beginners course. (If you’re not, subscribe here.)

Corbett has put together the most amazing course I’ve seen on affiliate marketing. It’s got amazing detail, two fully-transparent “test” sites that both make money, details on the affiliate programmes that are working best for him, and all the nitty gritty of finding niches and building traffic.

What I like best about it, is that his techniques are not pushy, scammy or manipulative. They’re very ethical and make a lot of sense. And money.

I’ve been part of the course for about 24 hours, so this is just my first impressions. I paid US$57 to join, as I was on the pre-launch mailing list. Until 8am Pacific time on Thursday 12 August it’s staying at US$67. After that, the price doubles.

That’s 8am Pacific, Thursday 12 August.

While I don’t really like price-pressure, I’ve paid a heck of a lot more for a heck of a lot less information.

If you’re going to get into affiliate marketing, this is my best pick from the dozens of courses I’ve done. It goes beyond the information in the Challenge, Karol’s How to Live Anywhere and is more focussed in scope than the Empire Builders Kit.

Why affiliate marketing?

Why do I keep talking about affiliate marketing when so many people want to know about selling banner space? Because you can make a lot more money selling products and creating leads than you can from selling a banner spot.

Say you sell an ad space for $20 a month: that’s $240 a year, and it’s money in the bank … set and forget, then chase the advertiser in 11 months and get them to pay again. With an affiliate link, you can make money week after week, month after month — and the more you remind people about the product, the more likely they are to buy it.

Burnt by affiliates?

I’ve been burned by affiliate deals. I’ve got the links and creative, thrown it up, promoted it, and got … nothing. But that’s changing. Yesterday I made $30 on travel-related affiliate sales (and more in other places). I don’t make $30 every day, but it’s not unusual anymore. That’s better than US$20 a month, and with some of the ideas in Corbett’s course, I’m going to be building more — and more profitable — affiliate agreements and sites.

Corbett’s course: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Corbett’s course, Affiliate Marketing for Beginners, seems really complete to me. I’m currently listening to one interview on the site, have fixed one core mistake I’ve been making, and have been through one of the many modules. I haven’t had enough time to write a full review though — however I wanted to write something on it before the price goes up — but Andy Hayes from Travel Online Partners really re-inforced my first impressions:

“I’m no stranger to affiliate marketing – but Corbett’s course is overflowing with good information, all well organised so you can use what you need, when you need it.”

I have a few complaints, though. It’s not with the content, it’s with the format.

  • I need offline access! I can’t currently download the interviews to listen to on the train/bus/flight.
  • I need offline access! It’s a website, not an ebook, etc. Having each segment as a PDF download would help too.
  • Comments are distracting (for me). I love being able to ask questions, but I’m not a huge fan of seeing everyone’s questions and answers. I think this is because I know a lot of basic things (hosting, themes etc) and there’s a lot of inexperienced/non-technical people asking about those things.

More critique will have to wait for a full review, but these are my first thoughts.

What you get (taken from the site):

A web-based format that allows you to ask questions along the way for a more interactive learning experience
Two real functional example sites that you can follow along with and see how I would do things (none of that “I can’t show you my sites for competitive reasons” stuff)
5 modules (complete intro to affiliate marketing, finding opportunities, site building, getting traffic (and sales) and advanced)
21 lessons, including keyword research, topic selection, site building with WordPress, search marketing, content development and sales optimization
Advanced topics on how to scale up or apply affiliate marketing to an existing business
The complete 100% money back guarantee (see below)
A $50 discount offer on hosting, if you don’t have a web host already

I’m not trying to do a pressure sale, but picking this up at US$67 instead of US$120+ is a great deal. Pick it up if you can afford it, or want to press on with affiliate marketing.

So, tell me … are you interested in ethical affiliate marketing? And if you buy the course, please add your thoughts and reviews.

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