Empire Building Kit re-release

15 Jun

I’ve just heard that my number one recommendation for an online money-making course is re-opening on June 16! (Which also happens to be my wife’s birthday.) Chris Guillebeau’s Empire Building Kit is coming back on the market!!

I’ve been a big fan of Chris Guillebeau’s work since he started blogging. I own all his products and have even had dinner with him once in Auckland, New Zealand before a casual meet-up we organised.

I have to admit, the Empire Building Kit is not aimed at travel bloggers, or even bloggers really. Rather, it’s an approach to building an online empire of targeted products, websites and opportunities to help you make real money. I wish this was around when I started making a business out of my online hobbies.

Prepare for empire!

The original Emperor’s Builder’s Kit was launched while Chris was travelled America by Amtrak … How’s that for an intriguing (and hazzard-filled!) launch plan? Sign-ups were only open for 24 hours, so I quickly picked the course up and have been on it since April 7 this year.

This isn’t cheap! There are three price-tiers at US$149, $249 and $449. I wish I could have afforded the most expensive, but plumped for the middle option myself. It had some key advantages over the lowest. The best thing to do would be check the site on launch day and decide what best fits your current stage of online business development and budget.

I do recommend buying on the 16th though. Why? As a launch-day special, there’s going to be an extra give-away, “Backyard Biz Profits”, which focusses on applying his empire-building strategies in local markets.

I’m going to be emailing our Make Money Travel Blogging mailing list just minutes after launch with a special, exclusive deal for this one. Sign up below (or at http://makemoneytravelblogging.com if you’re using RSS) before 9am PST, 12pm EST on June 16th to get my special offer as well as whatever goodies Chris is giving away to celebrate the relaunch.

Click here for more information.

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