Ensuring creative content gets written

28 Mar

Lately I discovered something that’s helping to drive my creative output goals. It’s simple, it’s elegant, it works for me.

It is 750 words.

750 words is an online text editor that tells you when you’ve hit 750 words and gives you badges if you do it daily. A streak of three days gives you your first badge and, after 17 days of use, I still haven’t managed to hit that.

The hit and miss rate for 750 words

That’s OK. The trick is, when I open up 750 words in the morning, I’m reminded that a big part of my life is writing.

  • I write blog posts
  • I write emails
  • I write books
  • I write guest posts
  • I write messages to friends
  • I write status updates
  • I write articles
  • I write podcast scripts

At the end of the day, a lot of my life has become about writing, and — in some ways — the more writing I do (or commission) the more money I make. Admittedly there’s more strategic planning and organisation to be done, but at the end of the day, more writing = more income.

750 words is a great way to ensure I’m getting at least 750 words of creative output each day. After writing online, I drop the text into the right blog setup or Scrivener folder, tag it appropriately, and edit the crap out of it. Then it can be sent for editing, scheduled, laid out or just published depending on the type of material it is.

A part of your brain tries to sabotage your life’s work, and I love little tricks like this that can come into your life for a time and force you to do something that creates a good habit.

Do you have any little crutches that make your life a better place? 750 words has become one of mine.

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