Travel Blog Success relaunches today

22 Mar

Travel Blog Success relaunches today and it’s better than ever. I’ve known Dave for a few years and was quite impressed with Dave’s material when he launched it back in February 2010. Now, he’s made it awesome value. You can see all the benefits on the site, which I won’t copy here.

There’s a lot of good advice floating around — and there’s free stuff, like here on Make Money Travel Blogging –, but no-one’s put together a course that shows you how to make money and get press trips in year one in quite the same way Travel Blog Success has. Because it’s organised and constantly updated, information is easy to act on.

It’s so good, I’m making Travel Blog Success the main affiliate partner for Make Money Travel Blogging this year.

At just $149 for the professional level, this is undoubtably the most focussed, most valuable resource for travel bloggers that want to go pro. It gives you access to private discussion groups on a forum and on Facebook. It gives you up-to-date reports and information. It gives you access to bloggers like Dave (with a US$36,000 turnover in 2010) and me. Now $36,000 isn’t a lot of money for some people, but it’s more than a starting wage in most of the world — and I know Dave is going to make a pile more in 2011.

We all know I make money if you buy through this affiliate link, but the dirty little secret is that you might too. $150 is a small ad sale, or profits from a month’s sale of a cheap ebook. I believe that you can make that back within 12 months; heck you might even be able to make it back this month if you have an existing blog.

If you’re ready to transition from blogging as a hobby to blogging as a business, invest a little: Join Travel Blog Success today.

For people who book through my affiliate links, I’ll put together a private audio recording sharing what I did right and wrong last year when it came to making money, and what I’m doing to improve this year. (We’re about to hit the end of our first full financial year, and it looks like the company will just turn a profit after paying for operating expenses, a new 13″ MacBook Pro, a new 11″ Macbook Air, a new iPod touch, a new camera, a bunch of hard drives, and two people’s travel through 27 countries.)

Clear your cookies, join TBS through this link, and email your receipt to me at before the end of March 2011.

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