Why #blog4nz is good for my business

16 Mar

Maybe I’ve done something really, really dumb when it comes to business. I’m giving up over 100 hours of my time and tons of my creative energies to an event that makes me no money, gives me no backlinks*, and slows down the already behind-schedule projects that are in the pipeline. And this is in the last month of the financial year when targets need to be met.

So, what on earth is going on?

I’m spearheading blog4nz — a massive social media project aimed at helping New Zealand after the Christchurch earthquake. I talk about it here, on national radio in New Zealand:

Blog4NZ logoBut blog4nz is good for my business, and it’s great for travel blogging as a whole.

  • It gives me a good excuse to get in touch with bloggers I haven’t spoken to in ages.
  • It gives me a chance to work with bloggers who I like and respect. And meet new people like that.
  • It gives the whole industry a focus point, a chance for more traffic, a reason to rally.
  • It gives all independent travel bloggers a chance to be seen and heard by major industry players in Oceania.
  • It increases my experience with working with a blogging team and project planning.
  • It increases my knowledge of how PR and mainstream media work.
  • It will, hopefully, have a bit of “glow” that passes onto the work that Indie Travel Media Ltd does. But I’m not banking on that.

My question to myself: I’m doing this for idealistic reasons, but is there a way to capitalise on the experience I gain?

My question to you: Are you signed up? I’m looking forward to seeing your posts on March 21-23!

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