Where’s your focus?

6 Oct

I am currently struggle out on design projects: two sites for clients, upgrades on one site and an entire redevelopment of content and design on Indie Travel Podcast. That last one has been in the works for three months now!

The upshot is that I’m thinking a lot about focus. Where do I want people to look? What do I want them to do?

I recently read a report on people’s attention and how it effects their choices. I’m taking some of these things into effect as we work on these sites:

1. Have no more than seven design elements in any menu.

2. Use hotspots for calls to action. What’s most important: subscribers (which type?) or ad clicks (raw numbers or affiliates).

3. Colour plays a large part in where people’s eyes are drawn.

4. Always give people a soft option when doing a hard sell. (‘Buy now or find out more’).

5. Incentives and bonuses motivate people. Use them wisely.

6. Write for humans, code for machines. Make things keyword tight for your machines, but ensure people read them with ease … or even eagerness.

7. Quality and relevance are the keys to long-term growth never sacrifice them for a quick sale.

That’s seven elements … can you use them to improve your blogging profits?

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